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                         Welcome to the Department of Physics at Sri Vani Degree and PG College,ATP. The Department of Physics was established in 1997.

                         The goal of the physics major is to provide the student with a broad understanding of the physical principals of the universe, to help them develop critical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills, to empower them to think creatively and critically about scientific problems and experiments.

Objectives :                                            

1. Provide the student with a broad spectrum of physics courses
2. Emphasize the role of physics in life and other discipline (chemistry ,mathematics and biology)
3. Develop the ability of the students to conduct, observe, analyzes and report an experiment
4. Develop the ability of the students to deal with physical models and formulas mathematically
5. Provide the student with different practical, intellectual and transferable skills

C.Kiran Kumar

Experience : 07 Years ​

Specialization in Spectroscopy   



  1. Torsional Pendulum 

  2. Fly-Wheel

  3. Young's Modulus by Uniform and non uniform bending

  4. Viscosity of liquid-poiseuille's method

  5. Surface tension of a liquid by Capillary rise method

  6. Bifilar Suspension  


  1. Volume Resonator 

  2. Compound pendulum 

  3. Simple Pendulum 

  4. Sonometer

  5. Coupled Oscillators

  6. Elastic constants


  1. Dispersive power of a prism

  2. Resolving Power of Telescope 

  3. Wedge Method

  4. Newton's rings 

  5. Resolving Power of grating

  6. Wave length of light using diffraction grating


  1. Lee's Method 

  2. Thermal conductivity of rubber

  3. Stefan's constant

  4. Newton's Law of cooling correction

  5. Joule's calorimeter

  6.  Thermistor


  1. PN Junction diode

  2. Zener diode

  3. Transistor characteristics

  4. Logic Gates

  5. Demorgan's Theorem

  6.  Kirchoff's Laws and Maximum power Transfer theorem 


  1. I-V Characteristics of solar cell

  2. Characteristics of wind 

  3. Solar cooker

  4. Performance of solar cell

  5. Solar Photo voltaic panel

  6. PV panel in series and parallel combination 

  7. Anemometer 

  8. Charging and discharging of capacitor 

  9. Battery charger using SCR 

  10. AC to DC converter 

  11. Solar panel in parallel and series combination    

About Lab Equipment :                                      

We have  well equipped  laboratory  with E-Class Room and provided with Internet facilities. The students will be given training by well experienced  lecturer  in the recent  prescribed syllabus .

We have following Experiments:

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